Review: 'Joy'


It may not push any boundaries, but "Joy" could very well gain a following. Snugly nestled among every cliche in gay romantic comedy, John Fisher's well-crafted play should prove affable enough to…

Review: 'Bus Stop'


Grace's Diner, on the long, lonely, wintry road to Topeka in William Inge's "Bus Stop," is a time capsule -- flash-freezing not only a period of mid-century, middle-American, but also a kind of…


'Billy' and the jets . . .


How do you celebrate the success of a new British stage musical set against the bleak backdrop of the miners' strike that all but maimed the north of England in the early 1980s? Easy. You fly…

Review: 'The Storm'


As evidence that the silly season of summer has a theatrical equivalent, along comes Peter Oswald's Plautus-inspired jape "The Storm," which will attract more attention than it otherwise might as the…

All you need is . . . Nine


"Lennon," which opened on Broadway last week, was lambasted in its San Francisco tryout for having too many actors playing the lead character. But even after the jukebox musical was reworked, it's…

Turning 'Blue'


Strands: Blue Man Group is braving Blighty. The small Off Broadway venture that has become a sizable sensation will start previews Nov. 10 at the New London Theater, opening four days later. Stage…

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