Review: 'The Tricky Part'


Confession doesn't get more personal, real or heartfelt than "The Tricky Part," Martin Moran's one-man show detailing the complicated sexual relationship he had with a counselor at a Catholic boys'…


China's 'War' efforts


Twenty-seven years after Jeff Wayne's "Musical Version of 'The War of the Worlds' " was first released, Jeff Wayne Music Group has sealed a deal with China's M-Star Intl. Culture & Media Co. to…

Review: 'Joy'


It may not push any boundaries, but "Joy" could very well gain a following. Snugly nestled among every cliche in gay romantic comedy, John Fisher's well-crafted play should prove affable enough to…

Review: 'Bus Stop'


Grace's Diner, on the long, lonely, wintry road to Topeka in William Inge's "Bus Stop," is a time capsule -- flash-freezing not only a period of mid-century, middle-American, but also a kind of…

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