Review: ‘KA’


It's safe to say that there never has been a more visually spectacular piece of theater than "KA," the latest show from Cirque du Soleil, which brings the company's productions in Las Vegas to four…

Review: ‘Chicago’


"Chicago" at the Pantages reminds us of the great talent we lost on Sept. 12, when lyricist Fred Ebb died. Ebb's killingly clever words, which also cut like a knife in "Cabaret," are rendered by…

You can quote us


Noises Off: In the movies, marketing people have no problem coming up with rave quotes from crix who dine out on the studios' largesse every weekend. It's called "press-junket whoredom."

Boffo legit biz in Blighty


London's so-called "theaterland" clocked just shy of 12 million visitors during 2004, a second-best attendance figure for the seven decades such records have been kept. Receipts tallied £341,758,566…

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