Review: ‘Mary Rose’


The theater is the natural habitat of ghosts, and one of the most enchanting spirits in the theatrical archives is the title character of "Mary Rose," J.M. Barrie's 1920 melodrama about a young woman…

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Brits ready to conquer Oscars


THIS YEAR we could echo that great statement made from horseback by Paul Revere -- "The British are coming! The British are coming!" -- because our Anglo friends will be dominating the Academy Awards…

Ivey takes on ‘Fugue’


The latest helming project for Judith Ivey -- the thesp who has directed with increasing frequency over the last few years -- is "Fugue," running March 13-April 21 at the Cherry Lane Theater Off…

Review: ‘Just Say No’


Three years after his 1985 "The Normal Heart" took on public and private apathy in the face of the AIDS crisis, Larry Kramer turned his white-hot sights onto the entire U.S. power elite -- including…

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