Review: ‘Phaedra’


It's not uncommon that a particular play will be produced in two venues at the same time. Generally this is an unfortunate situation, with each show diluting the potential audience for the other, but…

Review: ‘Amadeus’


No one can say Peter Shaffer's "Amadeus" has been unjustly neglected. But until now, nobody thought of putting music, the governing medium in a play about rival composers, at centerstage. His…

Review: ‘Esoterica’


In "Esoterica," sleight-of-hand artist Eric Walton gets himself up in spooky guise and displays an "I am so amazing that I amaze myself" facade. Beneath it, though, we get a glimpse of the kid next…

Review: ‘King Lear’


When a production of "King Lear" begins in a bathroom, with opening dialogue delivered while the characters urinate, it's obvious the director wants to shock. Robert Falls' high-concept "Lear"…

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