Review: ‘Gatz’


Much of the pre-show hype swirling around the North American premiere of "Gatz" centered around its daunting seven-hour (with breaks) length; in the days leading up to this Elevator Repair Service…

Review: ‘subUrbia’


When Eric Bogosian's "subUrbia" premiered in 1994, its balance of brooding insight and sharp-edged humor made it an incisive snapshot of disenfranchised middle-class youth. Are those rootless kids…

Review: ‘Doubt’


John Patrick Shanley's "Doubt" continues to cast a devastating spell as it makes its first stop on a multicity tour at the Ahmanson. Directed by original helmer Doug Hughes with three Broadway…

Review: ‘Wicked’


If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That, largely speaking, appears to be the mantra behind the London production of Broadway's celebrated record-breaker "Wicked." There have been tiny tweaks to Winnie…

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