Review: ‘Greedy’


Clubbed Thumb, one of the more enterprising rabble-rousers on the downtown theater scene, opens its 12th annual Summerworks festival of new plays with "Greedy," which won a newly instituted…


Review: ‘Dusk’


The subject of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church merits a serious play, but James McLindon's "Dusk," although certainly well-intentioned, doesn't entirely succeed as a drama for a couple of…

‘Spring’ sales surge


"Spring Awakening" had a good week even before its eight Tony wins Sunday prompted sales to go through the roof, with producers late Monday estimating that the rock tuner would sell in the realm of…

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Backstage at the Tony Awards


"I did tell Jack O'Brien that if he wanted to a do a musical of this, I think 'Serfs Up' would be a good title," Tom Stoppard cracked after his win for "The Coast of Utopia," his saga about Russian…

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