Review: 'Nightingale'


It may be a stretch to say that Lynn Redgrave has created a kind of "I Am My Own Grandmother" in her solo show and latest shake of the family tree, "Nightingale." But it's relevant to note the extent…

Mayday for U.K.


In the U.K., May is a double whammy. Tourists don't appear in sizable numbers until June. Worse, this is the point in the year when the weather finally cheers up and the great British public sensibly…


Review: 'Treasure Island'


Just in time to set sail simultaneously with the release of a certain seafaring film starring Johnny Depp, a sturdy new reconstitution of Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island" is having its…

Review: 'Othello'


There are times watching "Othello" when one wonders if Shakespeare didn't give his play the wrong name. Although famously the tragedy of a powerful man fatally ruined by jealousy, it's Iago, not the…

Broadway has record year


A billion-dollar Broadway season isn't looking too far off anymore. Sales for the 2006-07 frame hit a record $938.5 million, up 8.9% (or $76.9 million) from the year-earlier tally of $861.6 million…

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