Review: 'Girl Gang'


This may sound like heresy in the penny-pinching theater world, but "Girl Gang" needs to hire some additional help. A winking musical about a 1950s "clean teen" who finds herself in a reform school…

Review: 'The Crucible'


This strikingly intense Steppenwolf production of "The Crucible" treats Arthur Miller's Salem-set, McCarthy-inspired drama of accusation and persecution as if it belonged largely to the horror genre.


Review: 'Black Watch'


Shifting fluidly among three distinct levels of theatrical representation, "Black Watch" at its best is a stinging and often heartwrenching primer on the hearts and minds of soldiers today and, by…

Review: 'Clay'


A young white boy from Chicago is currently singing, dancing and acting all the roles in a kick-butt, rhyme-busting musical drama, during whose run the Kirk Douglas Theater had better keep up the…

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