Christian Clavier, Jean Reno
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Review: 'Just Visiting'


"Just Visiting," a slightly shorter and significantly less frenetic reprise of the 1993 comedy that broke box office records (and generated a 1998 sequel) in France, should prove more palatable to…

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Imax pic goes global


The first Austrian Imax film had its international premiere in Munich on Wednesday. Helmer Kurt Mrkwicka's "Majestic White Horses," about the Lipizzanas from Vienna's famous Spanish Riding School…

Matthew A. Brown, Richard Dutcher
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Review: 'Brigham City'


From the opening image of wearied Sheriff Wes Clayton (Richard Dutcher) strapping on his ankle holster and suiting up with all the rote, laconic dispassion of Morgan Freeman in "Seven," "Brigham…

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