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Bona Fide bookings


Producers Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa ("Election") are carving out a book niche for themselves, grabbing the rights to Scott Phillips' "Ice Harvest," Myla Goldberg's "Bee Season" and "Election"…


Paul Franklin Dano, Billy Kay
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Review: 'L.I.E.'


What could have been just another of the coming-of-age tracts churned out on the indie-sector conveyor belt becomes a deeply nuanced drama full of original angles in "L.I.E." This superbly acted film…

Denis Leary, Elizabeth Hurley "Double Whammy"
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Review: 'Double Whammy'


With "Double Whammy," a slight but agreeable comedy about a disgraced cop's journey of redemption, Tom DiCillo bounces back to some degree from his resoundingly flat last feature, "The Real Blonde."…

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