Catherine Trudeau
  • Film

Review: 'Tar Angel'


An Algerian immigrant to Canada sees his upcoming citizenship threatened by his son's activism in "Tar Angel," an initially intriguing semi-road movie that becomes bogged down in improbability.

Kang Hea-jung, Kim Ho-jung
  • Film

Review: 'The Butterfly'


A futuristic parable about memory and coming home, "The Butterfly" rates as a severe disappointment after his accomplished (but little seen) debut feature, "Taekwondo" (1998), a Warsaw-set drama…


  • Film

Review: 'Conjugation'


A young Beijing couple experience their own private sense of dislocation in "Conjugation," a semi-impressionistic look at the social stasis during the crackdown that followed the Tiananmen Square…

Leelee Sobieski, Steve Zahn, Paul Walker
  • Film

Review: 'Joy Ride'


Here's a consumer tip for anyone who's comparison shopping for a spooky road movie: "Joy Ride" gets a lot more mileage from its attention grabbing premise than the recent "Jeepers Creepers" got from…

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