CGI gets unreal


Not many years ago, any CG-animated film would have been cutting-edge simply because it was CG. And since the resources to make such films generally lay with big companies, such industry leaders as…


Paul Crowder: Editor


Who says you can't take it with you? Don't tell award-winning editor-director Paul Crowder that. Crowder, who cut Stacy Peralta's skateboarding doc "Dogtown and Z-Boys" and won an ACE Eddie for…

Ready to recruit


The pendulum, it seems, has swung back. After weathering several lean years, when the double whammy of a soft economy and a Down Under talent drain took its toll, Hollywood's effects houses are up…

Aping Mother Nature


Having perfected the right look for skin in the last tentpole he worked on, Joe Letteri is now concentrating on hair. No makeup artist, Letteri is a visual-effects supervisor for Weta Digital -- and…

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