Shari Redstone


Just a year ago, reports indicated that Midway Games, bleeding red ink, was the primary cause of tension between Sumner Redstone, who owns 87% of the struggling midsize publisher, and his daughter…

Thomas Tull


Legendary Pictures topper Tull was already an important figure to gamers after his company licensed megahit "Warcraft" to turn it into a film. Last year he brought his film company's private equity…


Mike Morhaime


With its 10 million-plus subscribers, each of whom pays about $15 per month to play, Blizzard's "World of Warcraft" is the most financially successful videogame of all time.

Leland Yee


California State Sen. Yee has been gunning for games like "Manhunt 2" and "Grand Theft Auto IV" for years. As the author of a controversial 2005 bill that prohibits sale or rental of extremely…

Martin Zagorsek


Market research firm NPD started tracking game numbers in 1995 and remains the only source for such data. Zagorsek, who serves as VP of games and software for the company, has been a major evangelist…

Strauss Zelnick


Since taking over the troubled Take-Two Interactive last March, Zelnick has dealt with its outstanding legal problems, released the critically acclaimed "BioShock," overseen the record-breaking…

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