Linking with Lycos


USA Networks' $22 billion merger Tuesday of its Home Shopping Network and Ticketmaster businesses with the Lycos Web site operator reflects a continuing trend of alliances between traditional media…

Biz changin’ net tune


IBM and the five biggest record companies announced they will test selling albums directly to consumers via the Internet, but the venture's success is dependent on something the six companies cannot…

Virage is no mirage


After devoting much of its attention to becoming the world's leading PC maker, Compaq Computer has entered the technical side of the entertainment and news industries, acquiring 10% of software…

The old-fashioned way


A funny thing's happening in the rush to new media: Old media's getting richer. A lot richer, to hear Mel Karmazin tell it. "We're seeing new advertisers come into all of radio," the CEO of CBS Corp…

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