Net strength


If America Online topper Steve Case gets his recently stated wish, the embryonic AOL-Time Warner conglom will become "the most valuable, most respected company on earth." While execs in such…

Myer Berlow


Dot-com company buys old-school broadcast conglom and all people see are board meetings with sleep-deprived, goateed 25-year-olds battling pinstriped geezers for control of the company. Enough…

Stephen Condon


"We're seeing the birth of the Internet as the hub of distribution for all content," says Stephen Condon, VP of market development at Intervu, which helps companies stream content on their Web sites…

David Wertheimer


Even with a digital subscriber line or other high-speed modem, the visual experience on the Internet these days is nowhere near broadcast quality. But that doesn't mean the medium isn't viewer-ready.

Sega gets the force


George Lucas' vidgame arm LucasArts Entertainment said Monday it will create a series of titles for the Sega Dreamcast vidgame console, with the first, "Star Wars: Episode I Racer," to be released…

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