Digital Sold Out

By will lay off 220 of its 620 full-time employees during the next several months as it splits into two units: a ticket service group, which will house the company's software assets, and an…


Casting a Wide Net


Next time you're in a restaurant in Los Angeles, look around. See all the beautiful people carrying plates? They are called actors. And from most observations, Hollywood isn't experiencing any…

The New Studios


Hollywood is suspicious of technology. It always has been. But when it comes to the World Wide Web, it turns out that Hollywood has actually taken over the reigns of Internet entertainment. It just…

Ovitz Online


Michael Ovitz’s Lynx Technology Group has inked a consulting deal with, a startup that enables Netizens to gather info from their favorite Web sites. As part of the relationship, Lynx…

TV Pros Tube Tied


The Web is bad. TV is good. Seems pretty simple. But despite tons of evidence that network television execs may be idiots -- what else explains the decision to make "The Mike O'Malley Show"?…

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