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Critical Pic Condition


Seemingly, dot-com movie reviewers are treating the written word as if they have been knighted by Pauline Kael, proffering opinions with no fear that an editor will cut their work to fit it into a…

The British are coming


The message has come in loud and clear: European investors, advertisers and consumers are wary of the Web. The problem for every player, old and new, is how to make an untried medium pay off in a…

Sweet Music


Yahoo!’s recent licensing deal with the Recording Industry Association of American (RIAA) will allow the portal to Netcast music from the organization’s member labels. It will also help Yahoo! Avoid…

Expensive lessons


With all the crowing by online media pundits lately about the impending broadband Internet revolution, you'd think everyone is now hooked up to the fat data pipe, enjoying all sorts of mutimedia…

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