In an Uproar


Online entertainment site has acquired Internet gaming site in a stock swap deal valued at $100 million. Kenneth Cron will continue as chairman and CEO of Uproar, while Fred…

The British are coming


The message has come in loud and clear: European investors, advertisers and consumers are wary of the Web. The problem for every player, old and new, is how to make an untried medium pay off in a…


Marking Their Territory


Despite all of their smarts, infectious self-confidence and seemingly instant successes, even entertainment dot-comers, the new celebs of the digital economy, can get a little star struck. Nowhere is…

Pseudo TV, real layoffs


Pseudo Programs ( recently made some real changes, trimming their staff and redesigning their business plans to streamline programming and distribution costs. The Gotham-based company…

Booked Solid


An ecclectic array of e-publishers has blossomed online in recent years. But until last week, no major traditional house has trotted out a full line of e-books.

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