Sony shares drop


Successful marketing and sluggish production proved a volatile combination for Sony on Wednesday, as investors drove down the consumer-electronics giant's share price on news that U.S. shipments of…

Pleading their case


As Hollywood warded off blows from the Senate Commerce Committee, Time Warner topper Gerald Levin and AOL Chairman Steve Case were across the Capitol defending their proposed merger to another group…

MTVi hits sour note


Viacom's MTVi, the online arm for the MTV Networks, pinkslipped 105 employees as part of a reorganization. Before the layoffs, MTVi employed more than 400 staffers. Layoffs will take place across the…


Oscar to honor toons


In the first new Oscar category in two decades, the Academy has created a separate category for animated features, which could be handed out as early as March 2002. The category will be added on a…

Keep up with Jonze


Director Spike Jonze ("Being John Malkovich") has joined the advisory board of and plans to exclusively produce several short films for the Netcaster as part of a two-year relationship…

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