Funny business

By is moving toward syndication and pacting with Netcaster Neurotrash to provide content for its English and German-language sites. The syndication unit will be based in L.A.

New Hollywood heavies


The dinner with Rupert Murdoch had all the markings of a Hollywood shmoozefest -- elegant business-attired executives meeting at a low-lit table in a swank L.A. restaurant, gathered for talk ranging…


In perfect harmony


The recent Bertelsmann-Napster marriage is the latest confusion-laden deal to pop up in the entertainment industry. Why would a giant take a stake in an embattled service that might shut down?

Content in a corner


The majority of online entertainment sites have operated under a similar strategy. They spend their capital on content and marketing to drive traffic. Then they try to charge other companies to…

Education station


National Geographic has upped Mitchell Praver to president of its dot com. A 24-year media vet, Praver will oversee National Geographic's interactive businesses and content development including the…

All lathered up


Blair is so psyched to celebrate her anniversary with her boyfriend Brock. Even though she spends hours dissecting their relationship with her midriff-baring Pi Phi sorority sisters and pothead…

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