KPE taps execs


Digital production and investment venture KPE has tapped Robert Argento as veep of corporate communications, and Matthew Ringel and Sanford Anopolsky as veep of strategy, New York and Los Angeles…

Scrambled Signals


For Europeans, getting ahead in digital media increasingly means getting together. Linking up to become one global power is becoming more and more attractive to those in the digital space, and Rupert…

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The Web Gets Real


The television world is jealous of CBS. Not just because "Survivor" ranked as the top summer series of all time, but because the show accomplished what every marketing executive dreamed of: Millions…

Casting ‘Guy’


Joe Roth's has bowed an online casting call for the Revolution Studio's upcoming pic "New Guy" starring DJ Qualls ("Road Trip"), Eliza Dushku ("Bring It On") and Eddie Griffen ("Deuce…

File Under Good Timing


There's something about science-fiction television that inspires the most rabid type of fanaticism. Look no further than "Star Trek" to determine that sci-fci fans don't really harbor a preference…

Change of scenery


For Hollywood's imagemakers, the Internet couldn't be an uglier place. Static white pages of text and amateuristic graphics are impressing no one working in the biz of creating movie posters, film…

Zero Tolerance

By, the digital music site backed by Universal Music Group and BMG Entertainment, pacted with Mondo Media to co-produce a new Webimation entitled "Absolute Zero."

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