Toons on Demand


Animation vets David Burke and Eli Balser have bowed, a site that will feature Webtoons developed by Bill Schwab ("Beavis and Butthead,") Kelly Armstrong ("Ren & Stimpy") and Greg… Sold Out

By will lay off 220 of its 620 full-time employees during the next several months as it splits into two units: a ticket service group, which will house the company's software assets, and an…


Now Where, Napster?


Napster demonstrated, within six months of launching, the outdated nature of the record industry's business models. In those six months, Napster revealed that there's a huge audience out there for…

TV Pros Tube Tied


The Web is bad. TV is good. Seems pretty simple. But despite tons of evidence that network television execs may be idiots -- what else explains the decision to make "The Mike O'Malley Show"?…

Star Search, Redefined


Celebrities have flocked to the 'Net, drawn by a new shade of limelight, and it's surely no surprise. You get a new medium of serious caliber maybe once in a generation, and the Internet is it right…

Foxx Hunt Kicks Off


Jamie Foxx is tapping the Internet to conduct quite an interesting search: If things go as planned, he just might find the next Jamie Foxx. This month, Foxx will unveil the virtual casting call…

Netizens Crock The Vote


Although broadcast networks may have limited their coverage of the Democratic and Republican conventions, their Internet arms helped pick up the slack with a too-much-is-not-enough exuberance. But…

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