Review: ‘Cleopatra’


Some epics improve over the years, others wither on the vine; Fox's 1963 "Cleopatra," splendidly revived on DVD in its original theatrical version of 243 minutes (plus music), has curiously hung in…

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Alloy earnings surge


Gen Y entertainment venture Alloy Online said Thursday it's one step closer to recording its first profitable year in 2001. Company reported a surge in fourth quarter earnings of $42.5 million, up…

Digital division


A new canyon has opened in Hollywood and it's called the Digital Divide. What's at stake? How and when studios will release their movies and other valuable programming digitally, the next great…

Convergence urge


USA Networks topper Barry Diller warned Wednesday against "media imperialism" when it comes to technology initiatives, urging traditional entertainment companies to change the rules of engagement…

Litigious spin


It was the beginning of the end for Napster last week when a federal judge gave the music file-swapping service three days to block copyrighted songs identified by the record labels.

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