Letter imperfect


Who would have thought that a site showcasing Bob Saget would have problems? Sadly, the whimsical musings from the "Full House" host couldn't pull out of its financial funk. The Netco shed half…

Diamond in the rough


White knights come in many different shapes and sizes. And for entertainment e-commerce sites struggling to stay alive in a bloody battlefield of flailing dot-coms, the DVD couldn't have galloped in…

All lathered up


Blair is so psyched to celebrate her anniversary with her boyfriend Brock. Even though she spends hours dissecting their relationship with her midriff-baring Pi Phi sorority sisters and pothead…

‘Jar Jar’ blinks


Even popular shows can have a tough time online. Take "Jar Jar Binks: The E! True Hollywood Story," an online spoof that was pulled from due, in part, to strained relationships the…

In perfect harmony


The recent Bertelsmann-Napster marriage is the latest confusion-laden deal to pop up in the entertainment industry. Why would a giant take a stake in an embattled service that might shut down?

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