Change of scenery


For Hollywood's imagemakers, the Internet couldn't be an uglier place. Static white pages of text and amateuristic graphics are impressing no one working in the biz of creating movie posters, film…

Zero Tolerance

By, the digital music site backed by Universal Music Group and BMG Entertainment, pacted with Mondo Media to co-produce a new Webimation entitled "Absolute Zero."


Domestic Film DAILY


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    No Good Deed

    Daily Gross:$1.6M

    Cume to09.15.14: $25.9M

    No Good Deed

    Daily:$1.6M Cumulative:$25.9M Sony / Screen Gems -71.48%
  2. 2

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Daily Gross:$578,865

    Cume to09.15.14: $306.6M

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Daily:$578,865 Cumulative:$306.6M Disney -72.21%
  3. 3

    Dolphin Tale 2

    Daily Gross:$522,465

    Cume to09.15.14: $16.4M

    Dolphin Tale 2

    Daily:$522,465 Cumulative:$16.4M Warner Brothers -87.42%

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Fans Can Be 'Freaky'


"The Blair Witch Project" owed much of its success to its Web site. Now, the Fox net is hoping that "Blair" producer Gregg Hale and screenwriter David Goyer can repeat that success for the small…

Reel Estate Brokers


I thought I was happy. There I was, not a worry in the world, flipping idly through the channels, when I landed on an entertainment show that was doing a bit on the home of Melanie Griffith and…

And here's the pitch


With the constant need for content to fill unlimited space, one would think that the Web would be a great place for screenwriters to sell scripts. Think again. It's one more door to be slammed.

Big Game, Big Mistakes


Cat rustling, 10 months after America learned about it for the first time, is still a viable business. The advertisement for was one of the most humorous of the spots aired during the Jan. 30…

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