Exchange of new ideas


Bowing in 1996 as an exchange to fund independent films, the Hollywood Stock Exchange has reinvented itself more often than Madonna. True to form, HSX recently announced two unique programs that…

Content in a corner


The majority of online entertainment sites have operated under a similar strategy. They spend their capital on content and marketing to drive traffic. Then they try to charge other companies to…

News at hand


In New York and want to watch local news from LA? aggregates news, sports, weather and traffic video footage from TV stations such as KNBC in LA, KNSD in San Diego and KNTV in San…

New Hollywood heavies


The dinner with Rupert Murdoch had all the markings of a Hollywood shmoozefest -- elegant business-attired executives meeting at a low-lit table in a swank L.A. restaurant, gathered for talk ranging…

Letter imperfect


Who would have thought that a site showcasing Bob Saget would have problems? Sadly, the whimsical musings from the "Full House" host couldn't pull out of its financial funk. The Netco shed half…

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