Layoffs: ReplayTV


In the midst of a massive advertising campaign targeting holiday shoppers, ReplayTV eliminated nearly half of the company's 260 staffers, released chairman-CEO Kim LeMasters and exited the consumer…

Gaul targets PC tax


France's Culture Minister Catherine Tasca said Monday said she that she wants to extend a controversial tax on blank tapes, CDs and DVDs to any equipment with a hard disc drive. The money compensates…

Under the influence


Innovation in the streaming-music sector is back on track ... and the giants are winning. Streaming locker services are beginning to pepper the digital music landscape, and the one thing they have in…

Review: ‘Pam TV’


You know all this talk about new technologies revolutionizing our lives are true when you first come face to face with, that glorious pink-tinted e-shrine built to worship the cultural…

Geography lessons


"Community" is a significant buzzword in the cyberage, a suggestion that the online world can bring together like-minded individuals in a way the U.S. hasn't seen since it abandoned town squares and…

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