Blind ambitions


If the Internet is supposed to be the new "Star Search" of the 21st century, then Hollywood's a very tough critic. Two years after entertainment Netcasters first opened their doors, aspiring…

Company Line: Rotor


Name: Rotor; Hollywood, Calif. Web Address: Launch Date: May 19, 2000 Number of Employees: 115 Service: Offering proprietary technology for producing and distributing interactive online…

Viva el Web strategy


When Telefonica launched Terra U.S.A. in Miami in June, it threw a bash that cost a cool $1.5 million. The Spanish telecommunications giant was keen to present itself as a serious player in the…

Review: 'Harry Potter'


Muggles of the world: unite. The Scholastic Web site dedicated to the world of Harry Potter and his magical pals may be short on gizmos and flashy effects, but it's a solid way of connecting with the…

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