Geography lessons


"Community" is a significant buzzword in the cyberage, a suggestion that the online world can bring together like-minded individuals in a way the U.S. hasn't seen since it abandoned town squares and…

What are you watching?


For Hollywood new-media heavies, the world is a test market. Feeling as though they were left behind with the advent of entertainment on the Web, the movie studios are pushing to the forefront to…


Back to the Future Shock


One of the best things about the future is how well it lets us catch up with our past. If you'd told me 30 years ago that one day I'd have a $2,000 electrical appliance about the size of a portable…

Layoffs: Quokka Sports


Online interactive sports network Quokka Sports recently pinkslipped 90 employees. The layoffs come on the heels of several acquisitions from earlier this year. Before the cuts, company employed 460…

Peacock Parameters


While most traditional media companies have been faulted for embracing the Web too slowly, others have been indicted for their exuberance. Take NBCi. When many Networks were contemplating a homepage…

Wim Wings to Web


Wim Wenders has taken to the new world like a duck to water. Not only has Germany's best known director been pioneering in the realms of digital filmmaking but Wenders, it seems, is now breaking new…

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