Glass empty

By bowed in July with the backing of Handprint Entertainment, the production company of helmer Jeff Pollack ("Lost & Found," "Booty Call") and Benny Medina, co-producer of "The Fresh Prince…

Experiments in Hanging


Icebox recently cut the cord on its month-long experiment "The Hanged Man," a live-action horror project in which a masked murderer installs hidden video cameras in his victims' homes and broadcasts…

Hall of records


Joe McPhee. A name that even hardcore jazz fans may only be slightly familiar with, but one that has garnered a bit of notoriety of late. The saxophonist, a 1960s-'70s free-jazz progenitor, has seen…

Pay here, get content


Advertising, development, syndication and subscription. The seeds have been planted for profitability, but all of these business plans are facing a dot-comeuppance. The basic problem? Nobody can…

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Sign on the Dot-Com Line


When the Web was young, cyberspace was dominated by academia and personal home pages were dedicated to pressing topics like spelunking and Pez dispensers, the online community's response to proposals…

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