This year’s model


Participants at this January's National Assn. of Television Program Executives conference are poised to sneak a peak at convergence. Considering the recent shift in attitude among content providers…

Boxed in


The Box Office is closed. Maybe. Earlier this month, the turbulent urban portal laid off all of its 300 staffers and announced plans to file for bankruptcy protection. Days later it received a $1.8…

Distribution uber alles


The future of digital distribution is for sale and German media conglomerate Bertelsmann has its pocketbook wide open. With last year's launch of the first worldwide digital services division, a…

The Don Goes Digital


The plan went something like this: help undiscovered talent make movies; hope you have a hit; then create a studio outside the establishment where art, not hype or money, is what really matters.

Frozen assets


Weeks before planned to air 72 straight hours of magician David Blaine frozen in a block of ice, its incubator CMGI pulled a disappearing act and announced plans to close the Netco. Nearly…

Tech meets toons


Walt Disney Internet Group and Compaq Computer inked a three-year, $100 million deal in which the computer manufacturer will become the Mouse House's preferred technology provider in exchange for…

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