Review: ‘Glory’


Columbia TriStar's double-disc special edition DVD of the 1989 Civil War drama "Glory" hits the mark. Director Edward Zwick and co-stars Matthew Broderick and Morgan Freeman appear individually in…

Revved up ratings


The powerhouse ratings racked up by the Fox Network's telecast of the NASCAR Winston Cup race on Feb. 11 may diffuse the tensions ignited by a dispute between Fox and NASCAR over "freeloading"…

Warner hocus pocus


Warner Bros. ups its efforts on the Web today with a series of new Internet ventures, including the launch of its official dot com for the Harry Potter franchise (

Soundbreak silenced


Is a sudden switch to online syndication a synonym for sudden death? Days after announcing they were switching to a syndication business model, digital music Netco closed its doors…

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Celebs: Just say no


Celebrities have been making their voices heard in Strasbourg ahead of the final European Parliament vote on a digital copyright law similar to the Digital Millennium Act in the U.S.

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