Betting on broadcasting


The date may have changed, but when the National Assn. of Broadcaster's kicks off its annual confab in Las Vegas this week, the 115,000 industryites expected to attend shouldn't be surprised to see…

Definition please


Interactive television: two words, 2,000 interpretations. We've elicited four. EV asked experts their thoughts on iTV, and the replies covered a host of issues and forecasts.

Down but not out


Despite the industry's unstable state, Internet and technology companies are counting more than ever on the National Assn. of Broadcasters to introduce their services to representatives from the…

Blockbuster revs


Blockbuster is raking in the profits, spurred by strong international revenue and growing DVD sales. The Dallas-based video rental giant, which is 80% owned by Viacom, said Thursday that revenue for…

Mouse closing 2 dot-coms


So much for the idea that creating a strong brand on the Web is the ticket to survival. Planning to give a bigger brand more exposure on the Internet, the Mouse House plans to shutter popular movie…

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