Napster prexy, COO ankles


Napster may be back, but it's top exec is already gone. Mike Bebel, who became Napster's president and chief operating officer after Roxio acquired digital music company PressPlay last May, has…

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Real results mixed


Digital media content and technology company RealNetworks saw continued growth in its online subscription services in the fourth quarter, but couldn't translate that to the bottom line, as its net…

Who’ll pop for Pixar?


After spending much of the past year locked in talks with Mouse House execs over an extension of the Disney-Pixar co-prod'n pact, Pixar chief Steve Jobs said he's looking elsewhere for a distribution…

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Activision’s 4Q delivers


A day after Electronic Arts and Atari sent their stocks down with disappointing news, Activision had something good to report: The No. 2 vidgame publisher beat its recently increased guidance in the…

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