Sony delay of game


It's not looking like a very merry Christmas for Sony, as it had to push back the launch of the PlayStation 3 in Europe to March from November and cut back shipments in the U.S. and Europe. The…

Amazon, Apple click pix


The digital movie business is about to get a shot in the arm from the Internet's two biggest media retailers. will launch its movie download service later this week, numerous sources…

CenterStaging taps COO


Paul Schmidman has been named chief operating officer of CenterStaging Corp., where he will manage the company's online portal, Schmidman will lead and manage the development and…

Title wave hits U.K.


Warner Home Video will support both the HD DVD and Blu-ray high definition formats in the U.K. The initial WB titles, a combination of recent hits and catalog favorites, are expected to be available…

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