Summer's money shots


In visual effects, 2006 is a summer of encores. Most of the season's tentpoles are either remakes ("The Omen," "Poseidon") or sequels ("X-Men: The Last Stand" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead…

Steve Jobs: Friend or foe?


Five years ago, when Steve Jobs was in negotiations to sell songs on iTunes, he gave music execs a choice: Either work with me or get left in the dust. But even though the deals may have helped save…

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A Digital Nip/Tuck


A shape-shifting supermodel. The destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge. Kelsey Grammer as a Beast. Ho hum. Just another "X-Men" movie. But "The Last Stand" kicks off with a real vfx eye-opener: a…

Batter up for netco


MSN and LivePlanet are teaming up to turn fantasy baseball into an online reality show. Netco next month will launch "Fan Club: Reality Baseball," an interactive Internet series that allows viewers…

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