Pop-up prospects


Hello, online. Goodbye, cruel print world. Google's purchase of YouTube offers a glittering chance for studio marketers: a way to reach the exact audience that's interested in a movie, in exactly the…


Geek odyssey


For decades, Tokyoites went to Akihabara, a sprawling shopping district in downtown Tokyo, to buy everything electric -- from Christmas lights to floor fans -- at discount prices. In the heady days…

Pandora’s black box


It's all about a simple black box. When it debuts next month, the Playstation 3 will represent an unprecedented collaboration between numerous units of Sony Corp. on a console that not only plays…

Shall Wii dance?


Nintendo's upcoming Wii can't match the hi-def graphics of the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. It's not meant to be a multimedia device, and it doesn't even play DVDs.

Upward mobility


While millions of Japanese squeezed into bars this summer to catch soccer's World Cup tournament, thousands more peered into specially equipped mobile phones and car navigation systems to view…

Fox 2000 solves puzzle


Fox 2000 has purchased the Kim Barker comedy spec script “All About Steve” as a starring vehicle for Sandra Bullock. Thesp will produce through her Fortis Films banner. In the broad comedy, a TV news…

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