Steve Jobs: Friend or foe?


Five years ago, when Steve Jobs was in negotiations to sell songs on iTunes, he gave music execs a choice: Either work with me or get left in the dust. But even though the deals may have helped save…

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A Digital Nip/Tuck


A shape-shifting supermodel. The destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge. Kelsey Grammer as a Beast. Ho hum. Just another "X-Men" movie. But "The Last Stand" kicks off with a real vfx eye-opener: a…

Global promo rocks


May represented a clear referendum on the wisdom of global day-and-date releases with coordinated worldwide promo campaigns. And the verdict would have to be day-and-date is the way to go. Opening…

Effective support


Summer tentpoles often put visual effects front and center. But pics that are hardly big vfx shows, like this summer's "Lady in the Water," "Miami Vice" and "The Omen," rely on vfx to tell their…

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