Brad Bird


For most people, the thought of a rat in a four-star French restaurant would inspire screams, not smiles. Even Bird remembers being intimidated by the concept, which had been kicking around Pixar…

Jerry Seinfeld


After a quiet decade following his zeitgeist-defining TV series, the New York comedian hit every quadrant hard this fall in the run-up to his animated feature, "Bee Movie."

Perez Hilton


The 29-year-old gossip blogger (aka Mario Lavandeira) -- the self-proclaimed Queen of All Media -- crossed over into traditional media in a big way this year, selling six installments of his reality…


Last April, "Saturday Night Live" alums Ferrell and McKay (whose feature collaborations include "Anchorman" and "Talladega Nights"), along with Henchy, an executive at the duo's Gary Sanchez Prods…

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