Robert Bach


Businesses such as videogames, digital downloads and mobile are all relatively young and brutally competitive, which is why Bach's unit has lost Microsoft billions of dollars. But they're also viewed…

Jeff Bezos


Stealing a page from the undisputed Barnum of high tech, Apple chief exec Steve Jobs, Bezos staged a splashy Manhattan debut for his company's new e-book reader, the Kindle.

James Cameron


Cameron is convinced that for the rest of his career, he may only make movies in digital 3-D: "When I first started shooting it in 2001 and I saw the images and how beautiful they were, I said, 'I…


Sean Carey


It's all about the minisodes. While Sony had far more ambitious digital efforts last year, the studio's decision to shrink its stable of sitcoms and dramas into Web-friendly morsels -- and package…

Barry Diller


Once a media mogul, then a multi-media mogul, Diller is about to become a purely interactive media mogul, having given up on the dream of his sprawling Interactive Corp. empire in November by…

Reggie Fils-Aime


Most executives would kill to have Fils-Aime's problems. While every other company in the country was busy trying to stoke demand for the holiday season, the head of Nintendo's North American…

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