Review: ‘Space Chimps’


Combining old-fashioned gameplay with out-of-date graphics, "Space Chimps" may satisfy some gamers only because of the very low bar set for kidpic-based videogames. Brash Entertainment's adaptation…

Paul W.S. Anderson


Anderson grew up playing "Space Invaders" in his local British arcade. Today, his "Mortal Kombat," "Resident Evil" and "Alien vs. Predator" pics have collectively grossed more than half a billion…

Seamus Blackley


The former physicist and top-selling game designer piloted the creation of the Xbox platform at Microsoft, and now heads CAA's videogame department, which reps such high-profile clients as Cory…

Keith Boesky


Back in the late '90s, as president of Eidos Interactive, Boesky took charge of licensing the company's "Tomb Raider" franchise, later leaping to ICM, where he became one of the few agents to focus…

Lane Merrifield


Former marketing professional Merrifield fled the rat race of Silicon Valley to the wilds of Kelowna, British Columbia, to raise his family -- a "terrifying" personal decision that left him feeling…

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