David Lee


South Korea-based online publisher Nexon just might have found the solution to the threat of piracy: Offer the games for free. The company pioneered the hugely successful free-to-play business model…

Kazuo “Kaz” Hirai


When Hirai was promoted to CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment last year, it was a grim time for the conglom's storied videogame biz, as the disastrous launch of the PlayStation 3 had sent it tumbling…

Ken Levine


As creative director of 2K Boston, previously known as Irrational Games, Levine wowed enthusiast and mainstream critics alike with underwater art-deco dystopian shooter "BioShock," which also pleased…


Neal Tiles


Under president Tiles, cable net G4 has evolved beyond just vidgame-related programming. Nonetheless, gaming still forms a backbone for the channel, with major bows such as "Halo 3" and "Grand Theft…

Alex Rigopulos


Thanks to his hugely popular "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band," both of which his studio created, Rigopulos has inspired geeky gamers everywhere to get off the couch and live out their musical fantasies.

Steven Spielberg


Atari's "E.T." fiasco notwithstanding, Spielberg has been extremely savvy about the gaming market, licensing tie-ins to such films as "Raiders of the Lost Ark" long before the medium was fashionable.

Steve Schnur


Since joining EA in 2001, music and marketing exec Schnur has been ahead of the curve, radically transforming the industry's perception of videogames from simple licensing opportunities to a series…

Harold Ryan


Ryan found himself at the center of two of the biggest vidgame stories of 2007. First, the head of Bungie Studios saw his company's "Halo 3" break records by grossing $300 million worldwide in its…

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