Exchange of new ideas


Bowing in 1996 as an exchange to fund independent films, the Hollywood Stock Exchange has reinvented itself more often than Madonna. True to form, HSX recently announced two unique programs that…

In Film they trust


"I think the biggest difference between us and our competition is that our software is functioning," says Filmtrust co-founder Andrew Adelson. That up-and-running requirement may seem a bit obvious…


‘Jar Jar’ blinks


Even popular shows can have a tough time online. Take "Jar Jar Binks: The E! True Hollywood Story," an online spoof that was pulled from due, in part, to strained relationships the…

Funny business

By is moving toward syndication and pacting with Netcaster Neurotrash to provide content for its English and German-language sites. The syndication unit will be based in L.A.

Napster not nappin’


Napster founder Shawn Fanning reiterated Monday at the digital media confab WebNoize that the service will continue to be a community file-sharing program even as it seeks out more deals with the…

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