Education station


National Geographic has upped Mitchell Praver to president of its dot com. A 24-year media vet, Praver will oversee National Geographic's interactive businesses and content development including the…

Fat pipe dreams


According to the 2000 Consumer Technology Survey, only 4% of Netizens are accessing the Web from home primarily for entertainment purposes. This compares to 90% who log on at home to do research or…

Moniker monitor


Persuading an angry group of freedom-loving Internet experts to accept a little more regulation and authority on their beloved network is a bit like telling Eminem to keep it clean. Nevertheless…

Funny business

By is moving toward syndication and pacting with Netcaster Neurotrash to provide content for its English and German-language sites. The syndication unit will be based in L.A.

Exchange of new ideas


Bowing in 1996 as an exchange to fund independent films, the Hollywood Stock Exchange has reinvented itself more often than Madonna. True to form, HSX recently announced two unique programs that…

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