Paxson plots deal


Broadcasting topper Lowell "Bud" Paxson revealed Wednesday that he is spearheading a campaign for 136 TV stations to cut a lucrative deal with the wireless industry and vacate TV channels 60-69…

It takes a mogul


Day 1: I decide to make a movie.Day 2: Depression sets in. This is going to be more difficult than I had anticipated. I hadn't even thought about things like, well, I don't have a camera, for…

Scour resurrection


CenterSpan Communications, the company that bought Scour and its assets for $9 million in cash and common stock late last year in bankruptcy court, is beta testing the new file-swapping site.

Vid game sales slide


For the first time in six years, U.S. vid game sales dropped slightly from the year before, according to the Interactive Digital Software Assn. Sales totaled $6.02 billion in 2000, compared with $6.1…

Elvis lives on


Despite recent layoffs and the elimination of Entertaindom, Warner Bros. Online has sent the message that they are still interested in the Web with its "Road to Graceland" animated trilogy.

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