Steve Jobs


Jobs unleashed his promotional mojo last January, when journalists decamped from Las Vegas in the middle of the Consumer Electronics Show to be present in San Francisco for the unveiling of Apple's…

Blake Krikorian


Eight years after TiVo began to popularize the concept of time-shifting TV shows (and skipping ads), Krikorian's Silicon Valley startup introduced the notion of place-shifting.

Tom Lesinski


Shifted into a then-nebulous job atop the only separate digital distribution unit at a major studio, it wasn't clear what exactly Lesinski would be doing. But this former homevideo exec has moved…

Lawrence Lessig


While many in Hollywood are busy figuring out how to make money from distributing their content on the Web, Lessig is working to make sure that the people on the other end can be more than just…

Peter Levinsohn


In his first full year as head of the division, Levinsohn oversaw an ambitious acquisition strategy, including the purchase of photo- and video-sharing service Photobucket, which boasts more than 42…

Drew Reifenberger


No online newbie, Reifenberger was well-versed in the digital realm when Turner tapped him to run its new comedy site. But he quickly learned the difference between running sports sites and one…

Gary Shapiro


Before Shapiro took over as head of the CEA, the organization didn't have much of a voice inside showbiz -- the very industry with which TVs, radios, PCs, DVD/CD players and all manner of gizmos are…

Mika Salmi


Salmi has helped restore some of the luster to MTVN's digital business, which has never really recovered from the bad PR that resulted from its failure to buy MySpace.

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