Blockbuster revs


Blockbuster is raking in the profits, spurred by strong international revenue and growing DVD sales. The Dallas-based video rental giant, which is 80% owned by Viacom, said Thursday that revenue for…

Review: 'Spartacus'


In the annals of Roman spectacles, there are few sequences more exciting and dramatic than the bitter struggle between Kirk Douglas and Woody Strode in the private arena of Peter Ustinov's gladiator…

Mouse 'Trap' snaps


The Walt Disney Co. has enlisted writing duo Derek Guiley and David Schneiderman to pen the straight-to-video sequel to "The Parent Trap," the remake of the 1961 Mouse House pic released in 1998.

Rumpus buys kids site


Entertainment venture Rumpus has acquired Zeeks.com, a popular gaming and community site for kids. Rumpus will use the site as an additional channel for its feature-length animated features and sale…

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