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About a Boy TV Review
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TV Review: ‘About a Boy’


The problem with turning a romantic comedy movie into a TV show is the inability to have a climax, figuratively or otherwise. Beyond that disclaimer, "About a Boy" is an utterly charming pilot, and…

"Chicago PD" TV Review on NBC
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TV Review: ‘Chicago PD’


Dick Wolf is no stranger to taking a success — even a moderate one — and spinning it off into franchises. So "Chicago Fire," his NBC drama, begets "Chicago PD," a series distinguished primarily by…

Ironside (NBCUniversal)
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TV Review: ‘Ironside’


Blair Underwood is an attractive, charismatic actor, but all that charm will be put to the test and then some by "Ironside," another vintage revival that bears virtually no resemblance to the source.

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