Graceland USA

Review: 'Graceland'


USA has done extremely well by offering what are known as "blue-sky shows," programs with a built-in excuse to showcase breezy beachside locales and buff bodies -- usually (and in this case) as a…


  • Film

Review: 'Undercover Brother'


It may not soar consistently enough to be considered the "Airplane!" of blaxploitation pics -- "I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka!" (1988) remains the top contender for that label -- but "Undercover Brother"…

UC: Undercover
  • TV

Review: 'UC: Undercover'


Heavily steeped in cop show and action adventure roots, "UC: Undercover" takes its cue from amusement park thrill rides. Director Tony Bill gives viewers jolts and scares from the opening segment to…

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