Tony Awards

Best actor, play


This traditionally strong, celeb-heavy category doesn't disappoint. Good bets are "Doubt's" Brian F. O'Byrne and "On Golden Pond's" James Earl Jones, who won the award the last time he was on…

Featured acting


The critics practically dusted the mantle for "Spamalot's" Sara Ramirez. She'll compete in the featured actress in a musical category against Ramona Keller, who some reviewers thought was the best…

Big budget showdown


Ask anyone what they remember about last year's Tony Awards, and if it wasn't Hugh Jackman's high kicks they'll tell you it was the David vs. Goliath battle in which small-scale "Avenue Q" triumphed…

B’way hits and myths


The myth of the monster hit will not die. It goes like this: A new tuner comes to town bloated with rave reviews from the West End, Chi or beyond. Puffed up by the press, the advance soars to $10…

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