The Mark Of Zorro

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Hollywood’s vaulted secrets


The Motion Picture Academy feted the 10th anniversary of the Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study on Sept. 10 with public tours of its film preservation vaults, a reception and a screening of the…

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Insiders: Events


TUESDAY: AMPAS' Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study marks its 10th anniversary with an "Inside the Vaults" tour and screenings of the rare Pickford 1912 short "The New York Hat" and a restored…

Music & Sound


Co-founded by industry vets Lon Bender and Wylie Stateman, post sound company Soundelux has provided sound editorial, sound supervision, Foley, ADR and sound design for nearly 30 years. Four Impact…

Sony draws swords


With an emphasis on a decidedly different target market from 1998's Antonio Banderas/Catherine Zeta-Jones romantic actioner "The Mask of Zorro," Sony's Sunday afternoon screening for "Z: The Legend…

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