Mim Drew, Lucas Cruikshank and Pat
  • TV

Review: ‘Marvin Marvin’


Faster than you can say "Nanoo, nanoo," Nickelodeon's live-action sitcom "Marvin Marvin" establishes itself as a teeth-gnashing affair, determined to test the appeal of Lucas Cruikshank -- star of…

  • TV

Nets bust out laughing


The networks have rediscovered their funny bones. With new and returning laffers now largely working better than dramas on the broadcast skeds, execs are mapping out a long-awaited comedy expansion…

  • Film

Review: ‘Odd Man Out’


Actually, Post won't need to do it all by herself. In fact, she is scarcely even the focal point of "Odd Man Out." That would be teenager Erik von Detten. He portrays Andrew, a hormonally charged…

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