Tad Williams

"Boardwalk Empire" Review HBO
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Review: 'Boardwalk Empire'


The third season of "Boardwalk Empire" achieved such operatic highs -- and featured such an assortment of twisting alliances, along with a truly menacing villain -- that the slow start to the current…

Daniel Day-Lewis in "Lincoln"
  • Film

Review: 'Lincoln'


Daniel Day-Lewis delivers an unimpeachable performance in Steven Spielberg's shrewd, stately and somewhat stuffy drama focused on a narrow yet defining chapter of Abraham Lincoln's life: abolishing…


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Review: 'Girls'


Producer Judd Apatow told journalists it's OK not to like the characters in "Girls," and thank God for that. Self-absorbed and self-indulgent, these slightly adrift twentysomethings have completely…

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