Stephen Ward



Review: 'Birthday'


Ed (Stephen Mangan) and Lisa (Lisa Dillon) are in the labor ward; things are tense, and Lisa wants Ed to calm down. "I'm trying to," he says. "Breathe," replies Lisa. Typical behavior when awaiting a…


Review: 'Backbeat'


David Leveaux's impressively dark-toned revamp of Iain Softley's stage version of his 1994 movie replaces glitz with guts, which may be a hard sell but its compelling performances deserve to turn it…

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Review: 'Management'


Neatly mixing whimsical quirkiness, straight-faced absurdity and affecting melancholy, "Management" is a slight but likable dramedy that signals a promising directorial debut for…

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Review: 'River Queen'


Would that director Vincent Ward's embattled "River Queen" might have emerged unscathed from its troubled, headline-making production. This longtime dream project for the acclaimed helmer finally…

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